Estate Planning

We will work with individuals and their lawyers to create an effective estate plan so that when they pass away, their estate is able to minimize the assets needed for income tax, probate fees and other related costs while maximizing the assets available to be distributed to their beneficiaries or named charitable groups.

Our services include:

  • Review the overall tax situation for tax-planning opportunities to maximize the amount of the estate flowing to the beneficiaries by use of estate freezes, spousal RRSP contributions, etc.
  • Review assets, income and deductions to minimize overall taxes by filing optional tax returns or making elections where beneficial.
  • Prepare returns for deceased taxpayers and their estates.
  • Review prior returns for missed tax-saving opportunities.
  • Review any existing wills to determine what the income tax impact will be and, where applicable, provide recommendations on how to improve the will to minimize or avoid certain taxes.
  • Determine if insurance can be used as a planning tool.
  • Determine the effectiveness of current tax legislation on charitable donations made through an estate/will.