Our Services

Assurance, Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide specialized corporate accounting services for small businesses and start-ups. The largest segment of our practice is the preparation and review of financial statements for corporations and other entities.

We provide the following services:

We provide audit services for privately held companies on an annual or quarterly basis. This provides their users, generally lending institutions or government agencies the highest level of assurance that their financial information is not materially misstated.

Banks, creditors and potential investors may request a review of your financial statements before completing a transaction with or investing in your business. In particular, the Business Development Bank of Canada and bonding companies will almost always require reviewed financial statements prior to approving and to maintain loans or bids respectively. In a review engagement, we assess your financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion, and provide limited assurance that your financial statements are presented in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards.

In situations where no assurance is required we can prepare notice to reader financial statements from information provided by the company. We will also do a limited evaluation of the bookkeeping records and make any recommendations we have to management in an effort to improve the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of the accounting records.

Stocking & Cumming provides bookkeeping services to clients who do not have a bookkeeper and require assistance in this area. This includes the preparation of monthly financial statements, payroll assistance, assistance with GST/HST and PST filings, and other related internal accounting matters.